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You can reach our service desk in Holland at: 0900-HITEKER (0900-4483537)

Hiteker introduced the first year 'exchange-for-new' warranty for most of their products. The complete warranty is two years from date of purchase.

This warranty is NOT available on all Hiteker products, please consult your dealer to learn if this service is available for your device. If your product is not supported with the 'exchange-for-new' warranty, a normal 'repair' warranty of two years from date of purchase is applicable.

In case of technical faults Hiteker provides a new device for you instead of taking it in for repair and causing irritation by waiting for your device. Please make sure that there is indeed a technical fault, instead of a software problem or a set-up issue. Always read the Hiteker F.A.Q. before sending back your device!

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